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Summer Busy Book - 60+ Pages! - Ages 6-5 - Physical Print

Summer Busy Book - 60+ Pages! - Ages 6-5 - Physical Print

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💡 Busy Book, Activity Book or as my bonus kids have dubbed them:

"Car Books" – the perfect solution for screen-free entertainment!

🌈 Within the pages of the busy book, discover a delightful blend of both fun and disguised educational activities that flows easily to help your young one/s pick up new skills. Every activity has been SO thoughtfully planned out for your tamariki

The front page features an exciting i-spy game. No matter where they are in the book, they know if the spot something to instantly flip to the front.

🌟Introducing our Summer Adventure Activity Book – the ultimate companion for kids aged 6-8! Kick off the fun with our Car iSpy and dive into the All About Me page. Keep boredom at bay with engaging word searches and iSpy challenges. Navigate through recognizing emotions and expressing gratitude – a lifesaver for those "Are we there yet?" moments.

Unlock the mystery of summer-themed Crack the Code pages with hilarious jokes. Explore symmetry, a dash of Christmas, and sneak in some counting, addition, and subtraction in disguise, even mastering the art of counting money. Delve into brain-teasing summer riddles for a family challenge.

Branch into the world of plants – their parts, growth secrets, and discover New Zealand's native flora with a twist of comprehension hidden in a playful quiz. Tackle left from right, paving the way for a summer crossword and mastering greater than & less than. Break up the brain workout with entertaining activities before immersing into pages that unveil the wonders of New Zealand.

🏖️This Summer Themed activity book/pages has evolved into a diverse collection of skill-building pages, growing with your child's abilities.

☀️ Get ready for a summer of learning and laughter, where every page is a new adventure!

✏️ 60+ Jam packed pages! Sure to keep your tamariki aged 6-8 entertained for a hot minute!

🚗 My bonus kids would have to travel for 6+ hours at a time (thank goodness, not anymore!) we didn’t want them on screens the whole time, so - originally inspired by us playing car i-spy games, I started with just 1 "I-Spy" page. As they unknowingly learnt a new skill from the book, new pages were introduced as they progressed.

Keep your little one/s engaged + learning in an interactive way no matter where!

🎓 The Busy Book will be added to our resources alongside the Matariki & Anzac resource packs. (Follow the link in the bio to check it out)

☀️ Use this for the classroom, at home, while out & about or traveling (perfect for the holidays) If you have multiple children across multiple ages dont forget to check out our Under 5's Activity Book here!

🤳🏽No screens, no batteries, no chargers required.
🔑💭 Colouring pencils & imagination need only apply! 

Car iSpy: Enhances observation skills and keeps kids engaged during travel, fostering a keen eye for detail.

All About Me Page: Encourages self-reflection and self-expression, fostering a sense of identity and individuality.

Word Searches & iSpy Activities: Boosts vocabulary, cognitive skills, and attention to detail, making learning fun and interactive.

Recognizing Emotions & Gratitude: Develops emotional intelligence, regulation and empathy, helping kids understand and express their feelings while nurturing a positive outlook through gratitude practices.

Riddles & Crack the Code Pages: Sharpens problem-solving skills and creativity. Challenges critical thinking and problem-solving, offering a delightful brain exercise that your child can then share with friends & family.

Symmetry & Learning left from right : Introduces basic geometric concepts and spatial awareness. Establishes spatial awareness, a fundamental skill for various activities, including reading maps and solving puzzles.

Crossword & Greater Than/Less Than: Introduces more advanced cognitive concepts in a playful manner, making learning math and language skills enjoyable. This also reinforces the left from right learning.

Counting, Addition & Subtraction in Disguise: Lays the foundation for mathematical skills, including the practical application of learning how to count money.

Plants and New Zealand Native Flora: Cultivates an understanding of the natural world, teaching about plant anatomy, growth, and fostering appreciation for indigenous flora and why we need to look after mother earth.

Comprehension: These pages are learning in disguise. Ensures information retention while making learning enjoyable and reinforcing the importance of understanding what is read.

Getting to Know New Zealand Better: Encourages tamariki to learn about New Zealand and to have an appreciation for one's surroundings, promoting curiosity, and understanding about the country they live in.


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🌿Due to volume of pages please allow 3-4 working days before order is dispatched. Every print I personally make & check for faults or misprints before hand packing. Some minor faults may happen during the print process i.e print lines. If  a major printing fault does happen to slip by me, please do not hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, due to the nature of prints, I do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds so please chose carefully x

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