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Summer Busy Book - 70 pages! - Under 5’s- Digital Download

Summer Busy Book - 70 pages! - Under 5’s- Digital Download

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💡 Busy Book, Activity Book or as my bonus kids have dubbed them:

"Car Books" – the perfect solution for screen-free entertainment!

🚗 My bonus kids would have to travel for 6+ hours at a time (thank goodness, not anymore!) we didn’t want them on screens the whole time, so - originally inspired by us playing car i-spy games, I started with just 1 "I-Spy" page. As they unknowingly learnt a new skill from the book, new pages were introduced as they progressed.

✏️ 70 Jam packed pages! Sure to keep your tamariki aged 3-5 entertained for a hot minute!

🏖️This Summer Themed activity book/pages has evolved into a diverse collection of skill-building pages, growing with your child's abilities.

Keep your little one/s engaged + learning in an interactive way no matter where!

🎓 The Busy Book will be added to our resources alongside the Matariki & Anzac resource packs. (Follow the link in the bio to check it out)

☀️ Use this for the classroom, at home, while out & about or traveling (perfect for the holidays) or to prep your child to transition from preschool to primary.

🤳🏽No screens, no batteries, no chargers required.
🔑💭 Colouring pencils & imagination need only apply!

🌈 Within the pages of the busy book, discover a delightful blend of both fun and disguised educational activities that flows easily to help your young one/s pick up new skills. Every activity has been thoughtfully planned for your tamariki

The front page features an exciting i-spy game. No matter where they are in the book, they know if the spot something to instantly flip to the front.

Begin the journey with a focus on pencil control through tracing, mazes, and shadow matching. Progress to learning numbers, counting, dot-to-dot, and count-and-color exercises. 

  • Summer I-Spy: Cognitive starter. Requires kids to carefully look, concentrate & count. 
  • Tricky Tracing: Involves tracing lines to improve fine motor skills for pencil control (this will help them write letters later on)
  • Shadow Matching: Asks children to match objects with their corresponding shadows for motorskills. Identify objects without acute detail or colour
  • Invites kids to color circles based on the provided numbers, engaging ways to practise counting ability
  • Maze Madness: Another fun activity that is learning about pencil control
  • Spot the Difference: Fun ways to encourage children to use their looking eyes and focus. These fun visual pictures encourage patience and are good for developing the visual discrimination skill.
  • Dot to Dot: Enhances counting and drawing skills by connecting numbered dots to form a picture.

Explore the alphabet and letter formation with accompanying pictures that can be colored for added enjoyment. The book also includes an alphabet sheet to encourage name writing and matching capital to lowercase letters.

  • Alphabet Activities: Provides activities related to each letter of the alphabet, such as tracing, coloring, and drawing
  • Fill In The Missing Letter: Teaches letter sequencing and recognition. This gives them a chance to practice figuring out which letter is missing from the word while working on their memory, thinking and problem-solving skills. Writing the missing letters also helps to refine their fine motor skills
  • Match the letters: Engages & helps children recognize the difference between the letters and how they pair up.
  • Left & Right: Learning laterality & directionality are foundational skills in being able to learn the difference between letters, numbers & words. Learning left from right & front from back are important for understanding how objects are rotated & how they relate to each other. Often when learning how to write "s,b,d,p,q" will be mixed up/ hard to differentiate, as well as the numbers six & nine. 
Concluding with a variety of extra entertaining activities, these "Car Books" make learning + playing or just passing time, an awesome adventure!
  • My Holiday Snapshot & Summer Look Activity: This one might need an adults help to read the captions. This allows the child/ren to share their holiday experiences. Great for story recall (which is needed in the Age 6-8 book) Recalling events from a story is an important skill for children to learn. It helps them build the cognitive skills they need to sequence events, tell their own stories, and later become great writers.
  • Half Done: Symmetry plays an important role in later mathematical understandings and is an important component of children's spatial development


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