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Whanau Whakatauki - Green water paint - Digital Download

Whanau Whakatauki - Green water paint - Digital Download

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Whanau Whakatauki.

❤️ This whakatauki i hold close to my heart. See my blog post about it here. 

✨ I have 2 bonus (aka step) children. When they would go back & forth between houses they would often return super dysregulated.
So we chatted about it & I made this for them. They picked their layout & it hangs in their room.

•Listening ears•
I'm about to tell you something, can you listen so I know you understand
Did you full understand what he/she/we/ I said
Can you tell me what your brother/sister/we/| just said so we know you understand

•Kind words•
Can you tell me why you're frustrated but without yelling?
Can you explain slower what your wanting from your brother/ sister/us
Can you ask nicely
Encourages praise

•Gentle body•
Calm down.
Don't stamp feet/snatch/kick/hit
And so we'll go over this with them
Did you use listening ears?
Did you use kind words?
Did you have a gentle body?

And more often then not, they realize what made them or us frustrated & the problem is resolved a lot taster & calmer.

Made for every & any child or person/s as a prompt, reminder or home décor


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